Hi, I’m Eleftherios Psitopoulos. I am a frontend developer and scrum master.
I value working with teams that seek to move forward while making the world a little better by the use of technology.

Projects I’ve worked on

I take pride on the projects I have worked on. Each one has been a unique experience that enabled me to learn and grow while providing solutions and value to each client.


Senior frontend developer

I have the opportunity to work on internal marketing projects as a frontend developer at trivago

Belvilla - OYO

frontend developer @Code Seed

As a frontend developer at Code Seed, I have the opportunity to work in various internal projects for one of the leisure industry leaders, Belvilla - OYO vacation homes. My role was to work both as a senior frontend developer as well as brainstorm ideas in RnD projects.


Personal project

Kikiriki is an online alarm clock I built as a side project. Users can set multiple alarms and choose from different sounds

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frontend developer @Code Seed

Anaplirotes is a mobile application (Android, iOs) that shows associate professors their placements.

Android ios


frontend developer @Code Seed

PolarApp is a mobile application with which customers can upload their photos, make an order and receive them at their doorstep, printed.

Android ios


frontend developer @Code Seed

SkillSeeker was a service that connected customers with professionals in the Netherlands



Outsourced developer @WebOne

Monopanes is an online shop with a wide variety of baby products.

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Outsourced developer @WebOne

Mouratoglou is an electronics ecommerce store.

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Outsourced developer @WebOne

Sesoyla is an e-shop where people buy natural and healthy food.

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Outsourced developer @WebOne

Silver-Handmade is an ecommerce store with a big variety of handmade jewelry and charms.

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Blue bay hotel

Outsourced developer @WebOne

Blue bay is a hotel located in Chalkidiki, Greece.

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Outsourced developer @WebOne

Limmat-Finanz is a finance and business assistants company.

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Inner shine mindfulness journal

Inner Shine: Your mindfulness journal

Publication - personal project

After keeping different kinds of journals for years, I put together a gratitude journal by gathering the knowledge I have gotten through my own experience.

Inner Shine is a 20-week gratitude journal that has been built with you in mind.

It helps you find inner peace, be happier and eliminate stress by guiding you through five strong principles! Start building a habit of action and achieve your goals - today.

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What they’ve said about me

Kind words certainly motivate you to move forward and upwards keeping a positive mindset, especially when those words come from wonderful teams you’ve worked with.

Shreyas Joshi

Product Manager at OYO

"...Attention to detail, execution prowess and sense of ownership is something which I have rarely seen in 90% of the engineering teams I have worked with, till date. Someone who takes initiative, is not afraid to go out of the comfort zone and take lead when others don't step up..."

Anton Kolinko

Tech lead at Belvilla

"...Leffe is really great asset to any team, especially for team lead role. He is always there for you if you need help or guidance..."

Rishabh Dassani

Product Owner at OYO

"...Prompt, sharp and extremely good at his work, it was such a pleasure that I really wish our paths cross again in the future sometime..."

Liudmyla Brovkina

QA Engineer at Belvilla

"...significantly contributes in product development. His initiative, creativity and readiness to help surprised me and the whole team many times...."

Mark van Lit

Senior Frontend Developer at Belvilla

"...A highly skilled frontend developer who will take your project to the next level!..."

Those were some excerpts from recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.
Feel free to read the whole text on there.

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